Our History.

One of the biggest challenges of today’s workers is the lack of proper lighting available.

Equipment such as headlamps not only contribute to muscle fatigue around the neck, but more importantly, do not provide the amount and direction of lighting needed for serious projects.

Working in environments such as electrical vaults where safety is key, this lack of peripheral lighting can prove dangerous, even fatal.

That’s why we founded Bodyworn Gear. The wearable technology found in the GEN3 LED modular light system provides full light to cover your work area, all while allowing you to maneuver freely.

Its powerful light output along with its exceptional battery run time makes any working environment and surrounding areas brighter and safer.

The Goal.

The founders of Bodyworn Gear bring over 40 years of expertise in building contracting and electronics design/sourcing. Knowing the challenges firsthand, the founders created the GEN3 LED modular light system with the worker in mind, putting safety and efficiency as the forefront of its design.  We’ve worked on this for 3 years incorporating input from railway workers, security personnel, contractors, and sportsmen.